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Greens247 is a cloud service company optimized for speed and security. We help customers achieve digital transformation using our infrastructure.

About Greens247 United Kingdom Cloud service company


Greens247 is a registered trademark of Greens Twenty Four Seven, LLC an Egyptian limited liability company. The company was established in 2015 with the intent to give innovative ideas and services related to technology, for the purpose of making life easier and environment friendly. We also believe that traditional marketing and advertising techniques became traditional, so we promote other methods that require less paper and harm to the environment.

We have a team with years of experience capable of planning and executing technology solutions with top-notch quality and at the best possible price. If you are just looking for a reliable vendor to supply you with equipment, you just found the right one. Our after sales services can help you run your business without having to worry about the technical details and protect you from unexpected maintenance costs.

  • Greens247 Vision


    Greens247 Vision
    All our customers are partners in our success. The success of our partners is the success of our team, and the entire organization. Our customers deserve a better life, and with technology we will make a difference in their lives.
  • Greens247 Mission


    Greens247 Mission
    Offer affordable online/offline technology solutions for our customers so they can use it to build a better business for themselves and provide a better service for their customers.


Greens247 started as a system integrator in late 2015. We supplied hardware and software for companies to help build their data centers, internal networks, connection between remote sites. We have installed Windows and Linux servers, VOIP systems, surveillance systems. We offered our consulting services to those in need of it.

Our customers were suffering from slow website hosting, unreliable email service, and a long waiting queue of terrible customer support. This is when we decided to step in and enter the web hosting industry, to continue serving our customers and go as far as it gets to provide our customers the quality level of service they deserve.

Google Analytics data below show the growth trend of our website, and the growth of our online services overtime measured by the number of unique users.

Greens247 History

We started with a single server in France to service our customers in Egypt. Over the years we have grown our market in Egypt and we expanded our servers in France from one to multiple since 2016. In doing so we were able to increase the range of services offered to the Egyptian Market.

Our marketing efforts have reached international boarders and we now provide our services to customers everywhere in the world. We have expanded our service operations to match the needs of our regional markets. We have partnered with unique service providers and market leaders in order to provide our customers with the best service.


Greens247 Network

Greens247 network map showing the location of our data centers.

Data CenterCountryLocationStatus
US-East-01United StatesVirginiaLive
US-West-01United StatesOregonComing soon
UK-South-01United KingdomLondonLive
EU-Central-01GermanyFrankfurtComing soon
EU-East-01PolandWarsawComing soon
AP-Southeast-01SingaporeSingaporeComing soon
AP-Southeast-02AustraliaSydneyComing soon


We have been through a lot with our customers, they have witnessed our growth as we upgrade their services to the latest technologies. We have been doing that proactively without any slacking, that is what makes us a unique match for our customers. Our customers want the latest in technology and security, and the best support and we deliver.

Our most valuable achievement so far has been the satisfaction of our customers. We support our customers 24/7 in order to help them achieve their online and offline goals. This has been the most motivating factor for us to continue growing and expanding our reach and range of services. That is right, YOU! Your feedback keeps our team motivated to continue growing and offer you the best.


Company management has a business and technical background. The founder and managing director has big four experience and previously worked at PwC. We have an offices and partners in different parts of the world. Greens247 top management is based in Cairo, Egypt by the freshness of the Nile river and the golden sands of the sahara desert. The head office is in Maadi city, one of the oldest cities in Egypt.

  • Greens247 Cairo Office

    Cairo Office

    Greens247 Cairo Office
    Greens Twenty Four Seven, LLC.
    55 Street 18
    Sarayat El Maadi
    11728 Cairo, Egypt
  • Greens247 London Office

    London Office

    Greens247 London Office
    Greens Twenty Four Seven, LTD.
    71-75 Shelton Street
    WC2H 9JQ England, United Kingdom